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What do we love about walnuts? Let us count the things we love about them: they taste wonderful; they are valued by the health-conscious for the Omega 3, melatonin, antioxidants (the list goes on) that they provide; they are very versatile as shown by the huge number of recipes in which they are featured: snacks; salads; baked goods - both sweet and savory; entrees such as walnut pesto; sweets such as fudge or sugared walnuts. Or, just forget recipes and eat them straight from the shell. Walnuts, these gifts from Mother Nature, are considered nutritional powerhouses for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. We offer them raw, both in the shell or, for your convenience, shelled.

We grow the English Walnuts known as “Franquette Walnuts” in our orchard. This variety is favored for its large, flavorful nuts and late blooming cycle. While the taste difference between walnut varieties is subtle, Franquette’s have an element of butterscotch and sweetness that is unique.

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